Feel the fear and feel it anyway

So much of our struggle and suffering happens when we try to avoid feeling what is already present, right there in thoughts and pictures and sensations that arise, being at war with what’s actually here. Each time I go toward it, I feel what I don’t want to feel finally surrendering to what’s actually here, it dissolves, pretty much each and every time, no exceptions. Here is my latest blog post elaborating on this topic through a personal anecdote:


The how’s of your experience

Shifting your perception from Why and What to How you are experiencing something can give you a huge shift in perspective. It’s also great to explore with curiosity how you are with your thoughts, how you experience memories (pictures and movies) and how you feel sensations, emotions and energy in your body. Getting to know yourself from the outside in helps you be aware of HOW you are with something, therefore not so drawn into it. Instead of getting lost in the content of your experience, you are able to witness it. Here is my latest post on the Living Inquiries site that elaborates on this topic even more: