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For Presence, Peace, and Relief, you’ll learn to:
Love yourself more instead of trying to fix yourself
Learn to be with your experience by gaining resilience through mindfulness
Be fully honest instead of trying to positive think your way to another experience
Explore your experience in a new way, making room for change to naturally emerge

Writings and Explorations


Seriously! And what I mean by wrong, is that I’m usually misunderstanding something about the situation and my place within it. When I take something so seriously, I’m subtly, or not so subtly, defending something. That’s what I’ve found in my...

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Expectation or Love

Expectation or Love? Any pull of your energy, or pushing to control you, is, and I’ll take it as far as to say, a violent act against you and your own autonomous will. I love you. You don’t need to do anything to earn that. (Dear reader: Extra credit if...

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What do you need?

Yesterday afternoon I lay down to read for a bit, and as I got settled and quiet, I felt a familiar flat energy I sometimes feel. An inkling that something is wrong. I felt into it, and since there was nothing really wrong that I could think of, I asked the feelings...

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