Don’t Tap On It!


Don’t try to tap anything away. I repeat! DO NOT tap on anything! Watch this video to let me explain what I mean…

Trust your “Trance”


The only way “up” is “down”. The only way “out” is “through”. In this video I share more about how going toward my turmoil naturally brought me to the “other side” of them, to the loving awareness that all is well. I also share about trying to bypass our heartaches through higher wisdom and how that simply doesn’t work. It’s time to trust this sense of “me” and let it guide me with it’s wishes and desires. Through it’s pains and hurts and loves… I can let all that I’ve learned and grown into be of service to me, instead of little me trying to live up to being all wise and clear and of service to it!

Can I Love This Too?


In this video I talk about how I shifted my foggy depressive state a couple of weeks ago. A simple and profound way to find self love and acceptance of the moment without forcing it. Give it a try and see what happens! I Love You!