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How to Let Go: Don’t 1

Posted on March 11, 2014 by Marina


Go through it and it will let go of you. If you make letting go the goal, it won’t let go. If you try to change it, it won’t let go. Surrender to anything in the moment that it comes up and it will go. I can’t guarantee it. If I guarantee it, you hold on to that and you won’t let it go. You can’t will it to go.

Touch it. Feel it. Look at it. Smell it. Taste it. Hear it. Be it.

It’s always experiential and very personal and deeply truthful experience. The best I can do is guide you there safely but the authentic experiencing of it is yours. All yours. And you’re safe. It will let go if you let it in. I’ll keep saying this because it’s worth saying again and again:

Let it in is the new Let it go.


Life is not a Detox 7

Posted on February 05, 2014 by Marina

At some point in your journey you may find that the interest in “healing” your life has a tipping point and you begin to just live your life, from this moment, a choice always in purely what you focus your attention on. If something comes up you find yourself less inclined to avoid it and deal with it swiftly by looking at your part in it and what your beliefs are about the situation, but as your days go on, you are mostly focused on creating and enjoying your life. :)

So she moves to Cali… 17

Posted on December 28, 2013 by Marina
Scott Kiloby and Marina Bajszar

Marina with Scott Kiloby, March 19, 2012

Who would have thunk it back then when I first met Scott and got acquainted with his work that it would all lead me here:

I’m happy to announce I will be working with Scott Kiloby as a Certified Living Inquiries Facilitator at his newly opening Kiloby Center for Recovery starting the end of January 2014, in the Palm Springs, California area. The center will open for a week long retreat the last week in January, with it’s doors opening as the center officially on February 3, 2014.

I will work mainly with individuals and small groups using The Living Inquiries. I will also facilitate various yoga classes each week as part of the center’s program offering.

Currently, I’m spending my days buttoning up my life in Colorado, prepping for my move in two weeks. I oscillate from sheer excitement to fear (same, same – someone once told me fear is just excitement without breath) and I find myself in relative ease, rolling with all these rapid changes, which the Living Inquiries have really helped me with. This is one of the many reasons I’m passionate about this work.

In the last month, I’ve sold my house in Denver, left my day job, taught my last community yoga class at Kindness Yoga, moved to a temporary apartment, and squeezed in a trip to Palm Desert to sort out and see where I’ll live. All this happening around the holidays, too. Whew!

This moment, I sit with a neutral peace about it and have never remembered myself so comfortable not knowing how anything will unfold. To me that’s the meaning of real freedom and true living of LIFE, being comfortable with being uncomfortable. Meeting that “fear” right where it feels like I found it’s edge or boundary. Questioning it each time when it’s really in my face. Sometimes it’s familiar, so it’s easier to see and be with what’s happening. Other times in shows up entirely new ways, sensations or thoughts not as familiar, but the formula is the same: Be with whatever arises and question it with compassion, curiosity or playfulness even.

The Living Inquiries really brought deep clarity about this for me. I can’t land on any comforting thought, idea or concept anymore as a formula or way to live. If and when I do, life either shows me exactly where and how that limits me through beautiful mirroring relationships (almost immediately) or I naturally start wiggling and stretching my new boundary I set up for myself (almost immediately).

Side note but related: The other day I laughed to my friend about what thoughts came up in resistance to all that is happening. I found myself exclaiming: “Oh! I love my mind! I just LOVE it to Death!” :-D Of course my mind also liked how clever that sounded, but really, can I just love it all to death? If I truly experience every thought that I feel attached to for some reason, and let myself have the full experience of it “Fear of moving, unknown, work related performance anxiety”, or whatever, what is the worst that can happen to me? I’m already experiencing my imagination with it’s words and pictures and sensations fully… as I watch and feel it move through, it quiets down on it’s own, having been fully met. Nothing to resist after all, and life continues as it does anyway.

So, off I go on this amazing adventure. I’m pulled to, propelled to, watching myself make all the decisions and changes to go with the force and flow towards this opportunity. Some of it doesn’t make complete sense to my mind but one thing I know, it is a dream come true and this is what I will go and do. Who would have thunk I’ve been paving the way for years for something so amazing as THIS!

Thank you to those who have been cheering me on. I’m continually amazed and touched by how much support and love comes my way each and every day (almost immediately). ;)

So much LOVE to you!

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