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Thoughts for my white friends

    I've been silent for the most part for days. I've been reading, watching, listening. Today, I've decided to write too.   Because of the color of my skin, I'm a person with the privilege of not having to deal with systematic racism on a day-to-day...

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Joy is the currency

A few days ago, in yummy conversation with dear old friends who are visiting from Colorado, these words slipped out of my mouth and made me stop with an OOOH: "Joy is the currency for getting everything you want."  And so we wrote it down. I want to...

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Happy Mother’s Day

  Today was not the easiest of days for me working at a restaurant where the busiest day of the year is Mother's day.   The hustle of the restaurant is exciting and fun even, and seeing all the sweetness warmed my heart for everyone here and out there who...

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A belief about beliefs

Having the belief that having beliefs is the cause of suffering, is also a belief. Or replace that with the word story. Having the belief that having stories is the cause of suffering is a belief. There is nothing wrong with believing things and being in your story...

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Compassion grandma

Be as compassionate with yourself as a little old grandma or grandpa would be. You know, the one who wants you to be well fed, have the treats, make sure you have enough coloring supplies and excursions to keep you in joy. Also warm enough or not too hot. Be your own...

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Blunt Word Fest

I never really got into Grey's Anatomy. I take that back. I binge-watched two seasons while living in Switzerland in 2007 and it contributed to me spinning deep into a depression, so I finally stopped when I realized watching that drama wasn't helping me... but my...

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