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For Presence, Peace, and Relief, you’ll learn to:
Love yourself more instead of trying to fix yourself
Learn to be with your experience by gaining resilience through mindfulness
Be fully honest instead of trying to positive think your way to another experience
Explore your experience in a new way, making room for change to naturally emerge

Writings and Explorations

My strange and sweet darkness

  Each time I meet the darkness in me, it slowly dissolves into light. I don’t set out to change it. I end up fully giving up on changing it. Nothing I try to do to change it works anyway. And I don't even know if what I did is what made it go away. All I know is...

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Let “IT” Be True

Kundalini Yoga is one of my top five favorite things in this whole wide world. It brings me face-to-face with my core wounds or beliefs within minutes of the beginning of my practice. It brings me to the raw truth of the moment and an opportunity to meet it right then...

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The evolution of my experiencing

Back in my 20's and early 30's I measured my life as being about happy/sad, up/down, high/low in terms of experience, circumstances, people, and how I related to my life. There was this constant striving to keep things "UP!" and if they were not up, it was all wrong...

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How are you relating today?

So often we point the finger at a person or a certain event and say "that's my problem!" "if only that were different, I can relax!" But what if this can be looked at completely differently? It's not the traffic or the words someone says to you, but how you relate to...

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And what I mean by wrong, is that I'm usually misunderstanding something about the situation and my place within it. When I take something so seriously, I'm subtly, or not so subtly, defending something. That's what I've found in my experience, over and over, anyway....

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