About Marina


My path to all the work I do started like many others before me, looking for another way to live and overcome the anxiety and depression I was continually experiencing off and on my whole life. I’d “move the furniture” around, start over, get very happy and excited about my life, but pretty soon I would catch up to myself again, or more accurately, the depression and anxiety cycle would catch up to me.

It’s a continuous journey but it’s no longer going around in circles. It’s now more an upward spiral. If some patterns are still present, it’s easier to see them, learn from and grow from them. I have a new relationship with my emotions and when conflicts arise, I’m able to make different choices from a place of self-love, not avoidance.

I see patterns in others swiftly and clearly. It’s something that I can’t turn off and has gotten me in trouble many times. 😉 When applied correctly it’s been a huge service and value and I’m so glad I found the platform where I can apply my gifts. I’ve refined my skills with various studies and years of experience working with hundreds of clients individually and in groups, also online and at recovery centers and week long retreats.

My talent is to help others set themselves free by understanding their own inner worlds and patterns more clearly. By learning how to love these patterns into the light, they have a tendency to integrate into a whole self and suffering dissolves too. Becoming aware and continually noticing what we notice is a skill that keeps refining and it’s an incredibly rewarding way to live as we navigate through life with our desires and dreams. The only thing that has ever held me back from anything I’ve ever wanted to do was a thought, a feeling an image or a big load of the same in massive quantities. Unexamined, I held them to be true. I believed them to limit me and I would suffer from this self-created unexamined set of truths. As I’ve explored and continue to explore these things within, there is a natural byproduct of more ease, flow, and grace in life. And I’m excited now for whatever limits show up so I can keep seeing them and loving them and see my life unfold into itself.

I’m passionate about teaching, sharing and serving you especially if you have tried everything else to get unstuck from your pain, suffering, depression, relationship issues, dreams not realized and unable to love yourself. I’ve been there and I know what it’s like to not see what these issues are clearly.

In my private practice, I call myself an Inquiry Facilitator. I’ve also been called “An emotional tour guide” and a “trance breaker.” I believe above all in the facilitation process itself over any of the tools and techniques that I use. They provide a solid framework but a shift in perspective is available always in the present moment. My work is to point you HERE. I’m passionate about researching and teaching empowering tools and techniques you can take home with you to be more present to your life, no matter what arises.

I worked 8 intense months full time at the Kiloby Center for Recovery in Rancho Mirage, CA. I was a Lead Facilitator and worked directly with Scott Kiloby. I worked with dozens of clients to facilitate them to overcome their addictions or other sources of suffering. I currently continue to work with the center remotely.

Now based in Portland, OR, I am Certified Facilitator in Scott Kiloby’s Living Inquiries, I am trained in FasterEFT, I am a Yoga Alliance certified Yoga Teacher, a Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher and in my past trained as a Life Coach too. I use a combination of all my training, continual research, studies and experience to empower, transform and facilitate a deepening of self-awareness and self-love with clients all over the world via Skype or in person facilitations.