What do you do, Marina?

…and how can you help me?


I LOVE what I do, and I’m so glad you asked!

There is so much I could say about it but I’ll try to explain it a few different ways here:

  • I help you develop a new relationship with your thoughts and emotions. We don’t make an enemy of “negative” thoughts or “negative” emotions. We explore them and find out together whether they are truly something to avoid, fix, be afraid of or deny, or is it possible they are not as bad as we think they are. No matter how bad and dark and awful and scary they seem, I hold your hand and we explore them together.
  • I facilitate you back to be more present to your actual experience in this moment, (not settling for your thoughts and stories about your experience) using simple tools and techniques you can also take home and use in your daily life. We don’t make an enemy of our stories either. We also don’t analyze them. We use them as a gateway to our inner exploration. Most of the time, through this exploration, we uncover a whole new perspective which enriches and expands our lives.
  • I teach you how to become your own guru, to learn about the building blocks of your own reality, and how to be more aware of your patterns, habits of thinking, how to love yourself and be kinder and more compassionate. I don’t give you advice. I tailor facilitations to where you are and together we find the ways to explore which work best for you.
  • I help you become more aware of what you are not aware of. Together we find assumptions you have made about yourself and the world and we look at their truth. We let your assumptions be true. We get radically honest about what’s here and give it full permission to be here. We then explore these assumptions with loving kindness and see if they are actually as true as they seem or feel, or not. 99% of the time, when really seen and felt, they’re not.
  • I help you love yourself more, not with words or outwardly actions, but by meeting every emotion, thought and memory that comes up for you with a loving “YES.” (Yes, it’s really possible.)

How looking and exploring in this new way can help you is simply that when you realize in your actual real experience that your “enemy” isn’t your enemy, it’s easier to take on and be present to whatever the world brings you. Life becomes lighter and easier, and you don’t have to change your outer world, yourself or others to feel more at peace in your life, naturally.

And yes I know, life happens. Triggers happen. Major problems show up. Death, health, relationships and work are all a source of stress. Life can really suck sometimes. We truly don’t have control of what will happen in the next 5 minutes even, but when you face your own worst fears within yourself, however scary they may first seem, how can anything outside of you harm you? This is not about changing yourself forcefully. It’s about loving yourself unconditionally, no matter what comes up. As the conditions are seen and fade, so do problems.

I facilitate the seeing of the previously unseen and feared unknowns, gently but relentlessly.

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