A belief about beliefs

Having the belief that having beliefs is the cause of suffering, is also a belief. Or replace that with the word story. Having the belief that having stories is the cause of suffering is a belief. There is nothing wrong with believing things and being in your story about things. It’s human. It’s life. I’m not so sure our beliefs and stories are here to be erased, manipulated or transcended as I see often quoted or written about.


Just being curious about this whole mechanism of how we operate, how we believe things, how we like to attach meaning and stories, etc. is fascinating. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to abolish all my stories in the name of “then I won’t suffer” or “I’ll create a new story so I get to feel more often the way I want to feel” or “I need to forgive the story” or “I need to repattern, fix, organize, diligently watch my mind so that it doesn’t go down a certain story path.”


Whew, that’s exhausting.


Can I be so free that I can have my story and be curious about how things show up in my life, including my beliefs and stories that make me suffer? Therein lies freedom for me. In that curiosity about everything. Curiosity isn’t out to “kill the ego” or change anything really, but it sure doesn’t let you land anywhere for long if you stay in childlike awe and playful wonder about all of your experiences, and patterns, and stories, and beliefs.