Happy Mother's Day


Today was not the easiest of days for me working at a restaurant where the busiest day of the year is Mother’s day.


The hustle of the restaurant is exciting and fun even, and seeing all the sweetness warmed my heart for everyone here and out there who have a very loving and connected relationship with their mother.


I can’t say I’ve ever had that, so it also pains me. She is my biggest teacher to learn how to stand up for myself and learn about my own inherent worthiness in spite of her words and acts throughout my life. She teaches me now to love myself and to choose my own mental and emotional health, which sometimes means to cut off contact with her. Sometimes it’s the only way to regain my sense of what is right for me and to live my life more joyfully and freely.


So, I’m sad today. And grateful that I’m learning to go against the grains of my conditioning and allow my “NO”, to be heard and honored within me. It’s not easy, but it’s more honest and self-nurturing. I’m learning to become my own nurturing, protecting and loving mother more than ever before. For this, I’m also very grateful.


Happy Mother’s Day to everyone, those who are mothers, and those who have mothers.