A few days ago, in yummy conversation with dear old friends who are visiting from Colorado, these words slipped out of my mouth and made me stop with an OOOH:

“Joy is the currency for getting everything you want.” 

And so we wrote it down.

I want to elaborate what I mean by this. It’s quite simple really.

Follow your joy, whether it’s a little spark even in the midst of turmoil and uncertainty and chaos. That little spark will lead the way to magical things you want but couldn’t have even have imagined actually getting in life. When Joy leads, it gives you things even better than you could have originally thought you wanted.

“Current-cy” if you will.

Last year, when I was having a hard time in Colorado and my last long term and significant relationship was ending, I had NO IDEA what I was going to do. All I knew for sure is that I had a brief but very real spark of joy, that I hadn’t had in a long time, when a friend who lived in Portland posted that she needed a house-mate and I raised my hand and said I’ll come. So with great grief and uncertainty, and often just a vague memory of that flicker of joy, I packed up my stuff and my Lucy (dog-mate) and drove out here for a new beginning.

This was early September 2016. Since then my life has changed drastically in an incredibly expansive way. It hasn’t always been chocolates and roses, there have been real hardships too, but there have also been clear bursts of great JOY along the way that consistently leads me to wonderful things even when it doesn’t make any logical sense.

Joy NEVER leads me astray.

It has led me to brand new work, lots of learning and growth through the love of service and food. Meaning, I’m now feeling like Amelie Poulin because I work in a sweet French restaurant with delicious pastries and food and desserts. I’m also going to dabble with Italian food, wine and deliciousness too, because joy is leading me that way too now. Zero logic here with this new direction based on my life thus far, but here I keep going with joy always leading the way.

Mainly, the joy sparks have led me to leaps of growth as a singer and the confidence to begin calling myself a musician. It has led me to sing on stage. It has led me to my duo band I’ve given my all to the last few months, diligently rehearsing week after week for lots of hours (so is this now a labor of love or labor of joy?  ) and refining and growing in co-creation. I can honestly say we are creating something truly great together that I’m very proud of.

Soon we will be playing at venues around the city and beyond. Soon we will go record again in Seattle and begin sharing our creations with a wider audience. We even got offered a paid gig the other day!

I’m being called a musician and being offered a paid gig, people!

How the hell did this happen?
I’ll tell you how.

JOY. It’s my currency and I’m flowing with it.

What’s your currency and what are you using it for?

btw: I am using the term currency closer to the second definition of the word, which is: “the fact or quality of being generally accepted or in use.”

Or better yet, my new made up term: “Current-cy”.

“Joy is the current-cy to get everything you want in life.” Gives a new meaning to “go with the flow”, doesn’t it?