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Unapologetically Me

I just want to be completely and unapologetically me, and I bet you do too.   I went to a three and a half hour singing workshop Sunday afternoon and I was struck by the sweet vulnerability everyone shared as they stood up and sang what they prepared. Most...

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See me!

Yesterday afternoon when I walked into work, my co-worker exclaimed with her arms thrown in the air "Marina is here! My day just got 10x better!" Now THAT was THE way to greet me and make me feel completely and utterly appreciated just for my existence.   Most...

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Portland = Home

It's been a long time since I've felt like any physical place is home. I've often adjusted myself and made the best of places or situations in my life. For a long time Denver felt like home. I lived in Switzerland for a few years in the most beautiful places and they...

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In the flow

  There is so much goodness going on that if I stop to assess it for too long or talk about it too much, I feel like I step out of it and stop the flow of it. Can I just live in it and stop the stopping and stepping into a witnessing stance? What if it's living...

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My strange and sweet darkness

  Each time I meet the darkness in me, it slowly dissolves into light. I don’t set out to change it. I end up fully giving up on changing it. Nothing I try to do to change it works anyway. And I don't even know if what I did is what made it go away. All I know is...

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Let “IT” Be True

Kundalini Yoga is one of my top five favorite things in this whole wide world. It brings me face-to-face with my core wounds or beliefs within minutes of the beginning of my practice. It brings me to the raw truth of the moment and an opportunity to meet it right then...

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