Tools & Resources

I’ve worked with people one-on-one since 2010 officially, but unofficially since I was 4 years old. 😉 In our exploration together during sessions with me I use an array of tools, customized and specific to you. In the pages below I highlight the foundational tools and techniques I’ve learned from over the years and have blended into my own way of working with people.

I like to share them because they are very valuable and effective in and of themselves, so if you resonate with a particular way of exploration, you are free to dive into it deeper on your own, or I’m also happy to be of guidance using just one of these tools with you.

I also highlight these specific tools because I like to give credit where credit is due along my journey. I continue to use and blend these with clients and with myself daily. My process continues to evolve as I evolve and one of my passions is to share new tools, techniques and insights with you freely.