Recovery Center Testimonials and Recommendations:

None of my 80 facilitators has worked as closely with me as Marina has. She worked with me each day at my treatment center. She was instrumental in opening the center with me and making it a great success. She has helped me develop my work in many important ways. I highly recommend her. She is great in private sessions and would be highly valuable to any treatment center who wants to incorporate an effective mindfulness approach, yoga or FasterEFT.

Scott Kiloby

Author of Natural Rest for Addiction and Co-Founder of the Kiloby Center for Recovery, The Kiloby Center For Recovery, LLC

Dear Mr. Kiloby,

This is in reference to Ms. Marina Bajszar. Your Living Inquiries program would be greatly enhanced by employing Ms. Bajszar. Marina has lead the Courage to Change (C2C) Addiction Recovery Clients on numerous successful ventures with her Tapping skills and is most appreciative for her Laughing Yoga sessions. The C2C clients adore her and are soo pleased to participate whenever she comes to lend her services. I only wish that we had been financially able to employ her on a full time basis.

Ms. Bajszar is dedicated to her work and is an extremely effective therapist. Please give her full consideration for your position in you program. I am sure that you will be very pleased to have her on you staff. If you have any questions, feel free to give me a call.


Judith Ann Miller, Ph.D., CACIII

Executive Director, Courage To Change Ranches

Individual Client Testimonials:

Marina is pretty awesome. Every time when I thought I had solid ground to stand on or a concept/thought I could safely cling onto, Marina would unfailingly pull the rug out from under me and push me further. So grateful to have worked with her. If you are ready to look and question everything you hold to be true, she might be your gal.

Kevin C.

I met Marina around two years ago, I can say without a doubt that my life was never the same. I can say that Marina is the kind of person who touches your life for good. She is one of the most special woman I have ever met and she crossing your way is a unique gift that you should let yourself receive.

Gustavo - Switzerland

My first session with Marina was Tuesday night. I felt good afterwards and had a good nights sleep. The next morning, golf was scheduled. Marina and I worked hard on overcoming anxiety, worry, fear and guilt. There were none of those feelings that morning and I felt pretty good.

The first hole on this 18 hole beautiful course was a par 4 dogleg left hole. My drive was a good one in the middle of the fairway, leaving me a six iron shot. Having golfed for about 77 years I don’t always see the ball hit the ground. My friend standing near me was coaxing the ball and said it’s going toward the hole. He then exclaimed, I think it went in the hole. Well, it did and all 4 of us were pretty excited.

The Bottom line is: Marina’s skill, knowledge, compassion, understanding and patience is why this joyous event happened. If you want something amazing to experience, see Marina.

W. from Iowa

Recently, having experienced some very deep grief, I had a tapping session with Marina. What seemed to be an awesome relationship had come to a sudden end. The unexpected feelings of loss, sorrow, aloneness, and self pity seemed overwhelming, frightening and unbearable. Also present were feelings of the possibility of severe craziness and maybe even the fear of annihilation.

So all that being said, in the course of tapping with Marina’s gentle, flexible (almost a dance, if you will) and spontaneous guidance—and saying just a few words—the tears suddenly came non-stop. They kept coming (new for me to cry like this), yet Marina quietly kept the process going. During the session there were moments of laughter for me and the feeling of the absurdity of it all—and the tears kept coming!

At the end of the session, tears were still flowing a bit, yet I “came away” feeling a new sense of power, a confidence that I would be okay and that I could, and indeed would, take good care of myself.

This following morning, I see the whole situation differently and am giving my self the credit for the beautiful moments I allowed to occur with this man. Now there feels to be no sense of loss, but an impetus to go forward. Suddenly I appreciate my little dog again! : ) I am certain that anyone who works with Marina can and will feel this new sense of inner power, peace and love along with life’s situations. And wonderfully, Marina teaches one how to do this on your own.

Beautiful! Thanks, Marina!

Carol (Grand Rapids, Michigan)

Mike's Audio Testimonial

by Mike, a client at Courage to Change Ranches in Colorado Springs, CO, July 2012 | Audio Testimonials

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Thank you for your great videos ! They are very useful in the sense that they deal with interesting and deep topics on the healing process, which is very helpful for other people. Keep up the excellent work !

Maximilien L., Paris, France

My personal shifts are continuing to occur hour by hour. The work we did together is profound to me. I have a grounded sense of myself that is all NEW!!! YOU are wonderful, Marina. I felt so heard and understood and accepted by you. THIS is a FIRST for me. Thank you Thank you Thank you. You intuitive guided me to help integrate my own “love” and I feel stronger and eager to see where we go next. YOU ARE THE BEST MARINA!!!!!

Eileen Wesson, California, USA

Dear Marina Bajszár; My session with you today was amazing. Although the technique you use is very simple and calm, it was hugely effective. You helped me work through so much stuff!

I will wholeheartedly RECOMMEND to anybody that they schedule a session with you….for writer’s block…for anxiety…for PTSD…for migraines….for general emotional health.

And you are SUCH a sweetie.


Robbie - Denver, Colorado

I have been in a very peaceful place with minimal noise in my head, and when the occasional negative thought appears, I’m able to easily dismiss it. I just remember what I said, “I don’t want to do this anymore”. I was in such bad shape, my lowest ever, which is saying a lot. You performed the equivalent of spiritual CPR and lifted me out of a very dark, despondent place. I can’t thank you enough.

Laura L. - Denver, Colorado

I had a telephone talk with Marina yesterday. She is good, no kidding. I learned in a short time things about ‘tapping’ I didn’t consider until I was talking and listening to her.

One thing really stands out because I did it today when my attention was on tell a ‘story’. Normally, we just tell the same old story over and over again. This is what I was doing telling a friend my ‘divorce’ story. When I hung up I realized I was all ‘charged’ up, could feel it in my body. Then I remember what Marina said about telling our stories. Tap on the eft points while telling the story. I went through the story again, telling it to myself while ‘tapping’ the ‘faster eft’ points. It was ‘discharging’ as I spoke and tapped. I said to myself this is really different.

There were on our talk, so many little points she went over, that could easily be applied on how to ‘work’ on yourself.

Another technique, if you want to call it that, was to work in the now with the now day to day materials coming out of you mind. Tap on what the mind is delivering to you at the moment. She said eventually this will keep ‘clearing’ the present time problems and surroundings, and naturally bring you to older, deeper issues…no need to push. And. in the present, become aware of the negative statements the mind keeps delivering and recognize this is a ‘program’, and the mind is just running these in an attempt to ‘protect’ you…keep remembering to turn these negative statements around to a positive. I sure takes ‘staying awake and present’ long enough to even be aware that this is happening and make to corrective positive statements.

Thank you Marina…you know your business, and are a very loving teacher. I am glad I stumbled upon you on YouTube. There are many videos there I will watch them all.

David E. - Nevada, USA

When we shine a torch in the darkest of corners, we see that what we thought were monsters… were merely shadows. Marina creates a beautiful space with her warm, attentive and loving presence which makes it easy to face those shadows and bring them to light.

Christie - Switzerland

Marina is one of those special people who live among us. She understands feelings and is even capable to feel what people feel. She wants to help, she wants to hold your hand and guide you through your difficult paths. I was a tuff case for her but she never gave up. She understood my feelings more than I did myself and she made it finally safe to let it go. She helped me in ways I can’t tell because I had no words just bad sensations … it was just there and now it’s gone. She is good not because she knows techniques and theories, but because healing is just part of her.

Marcia - Brazil

I am sure for me it works. I returned to my work with a smile. Should I say they were waiting for me, they need me? Yes, they did. About fear, worry – no, they are not disturbing me now. Even if we had an accident with one of our trucks and problems regarding this – I can work and think normally, without feeling bad. This is great! I feel much better in my work than before! More quiet, not nervous.

Asta - Lithuania

After the passing of my husband in 2009, I felt lost, confused, anxious, along with the grief that I was experiencing it was a very dark period in my life. I was fortunate enough to have an angel sent to me by the name of Marina. She showed me what compassion, understanding and encouragement really meant. Without Marina, I would not have faced the hard things that were stumbling blocks on my way to a freer, happier life. Marina encouraged me to deal with and resolve difficult issues, to face every day with optimism and hope, to clear my mind of the worries that seemed to be mounting – she gave me strength to stand on my own two feet and feel good about me and my life again. If it weren’t for Marina and her incredible coaching skills, I may have fallen deeper into the abyss that seemed to be swallowing me at the time. I have nothing but gratitude and respect for her and encourage anyone who is looking at life through a smoke screen or dark shade to seek the help that is truly a gift that Marina possesses. She has given the opportunity to “make freedom and happiness mine!”

Trista Donnay - USA

Dammit! Why do you always break my trances? Don’t you know I like to suffer? 😉 You “Trance Whisperer!”

Suzanne Gundersen - Florida, USA

I met Marina first at one of her Laughter Yoga classes and was immediately drawn to her warmth and authentic joyful nature as well her gentle strength and kindness. When I found out she offers private session doing FasterEFT, I was very curious. What I didn’t expect was the profound breakthroughs I would make in just a few sessions. I have a Master’s in Counseling and have worked with a myriad of healers, coaches, therapists and the like. I have admittedly become rather picky and scrutinizing as a result. I was humbled and gained huge respect for this amazing woman after seeing how lovingly and courageously she guided me through deep pain and past traumas that I have been unable to access until now. Her genuine compassion and unconditional acceptance put me at ease and created a safe space for me to go there, and even when my ego needed to fight and resist, she patiently stayed with me through the entire process. I have experienced changes since my sessions with her that are impossible to deny. Being able to go home and visit my family without the usual dynamics was the most apparent and obvious. I also had a trauma from a 7th grade bully that I had never worked through and she was able to guide me to those terrifying memories and heal them in one session. I do believe that regardless of where the person is in their healing journey, Marina is able to gauge and calibrate her sessions to be exactly where the client is and respectfully and masterfully read where their psyche wants to go and guide them appropriately. This is difficult for even the most seasoned therapist. Marina has skills that cannot be learned in school, although she has extensive training to back her up. This is innate and a genuine gift. There isn’t anyone I wouldn’t refer to her. I have already referred several of my own clients to Marina.

Velina Lujan

Owner, Owl Wise Welsness

In addition to being extremely gifted at guiding people through rapid healing transformation, Marina Bajszár is hightly professional, dependable, and an absolute delight to interview. She has just the right balance between focus on the topic and the flexibility to feel and move with the flow of energy to connect with the listeners in a meaningful way. I whole-heartedly recommend Marina as both practitioner and live show guest.

Teresa Bolen

Interview Host, Magic At Your Fingertips

Marina, you are such a gift to the world and you rocked mine… Loose.
Here is my testimonial:
I came to Marina with a lot of grief and worry in two separate sessions and my life has changed in the first one hour and a half of talking with her. I felt so safe and supported, most of the times I did not have to say anything, just stay with the feeling and she would guide me with such gentleness and clarity to shed all that keeps me from being my full self. Since then, my relationship with myself is completely different, I love and accept myself in a way that I have forgotten I can. My whole life feels clear, so much less compliated and I am here in the present, not holding on to wounds from the past, enjoying my being myself and reconnecting with my passions. Life feels so good and I am so incredibly grateful. She is a master at shaking you loose with love and laughter and I would not have it any other way. Thank you from the heart, Marina.

Andreea Grad

Counselor and Nutrition Coach

Hi Marina. just a little note to let you know that we took care of most of the food issues. I don’t need to stop at convenience store anymore. I am still eating a little more every day than I would like to in order to lose weight but it is a lot better. I quit my job that was causing too much stress in my life. Thanks for the encouragement to be true to what I believe is right for me. Thanks!

Bruce - Wisconsin, USA

Marina is truly gifted in a special way, and the effective training that she has received has allowed her to help many people. I had been suffering through a sexual addiction (porn/masturbation), which lead to a lot of anxiety, and worry, and was fortunate enough to find Marina through Robert Smith’s website. After having attempted FasterEFT myself, but with minimal success, my impression was that I would try it out and see how it goes. Marina is EXCELLENT in knowing exactly the right questions to ask you, and uncovering the negative emotional pathways that were built up in the past. She was great in pinpointing the core reasons/emotions behind the addiction. I can honestly say that the anxiety/worry has greatly decreased, and addiction/urge is no longer there.

R. - Denver, USA

I had the privilege of meeting with Marina during one of the hardest and darkest seasons of my life. The tapping/emotional freedom technique came as a bright light into my life bringing freedom, joy and ultimately helped give me my life back. The sessions with Marina started with tears, then anger, then fear, and then finally I experienced joy, peace and love. Each week we tackled a new obstacle in my life and each week I saw tremendous progress. I love that during our sessions I could confront my emotions, stress, personal flaws and past and then…let them go! This tool that Marina gave me helps me on a daily basis, helping me through stress, life and preserves my emotional well-being. Life will always present some tough challenges but Tap Therapy will always be a part of my daily life. I encourage most people I know to seek out this treatment for their own lives because I am absolutely confident that it can and will help them to change their lives as well. Thank you Marina for using your wonderful gift to help me to live life to the fullest again.

Christine - Colorado, USA

Dear Marina I posted this on facebook but since you are often not there I am making doubly sure that you get my appreciation for the session last week. Thank you for helping me to see the fun side of ORGANISATION!!! Thank you for helping me to unglue the resistance to pulling the book together; to freeing up the paralysis that has gripped me for several years of feeling unable to hold in mind the totality of a large body of writing. I now have the option of playing with the structure just as I played before with the writing. Amazing! I also came to realise what I want to do with tapping and creativity. Your lightness of touch is an inspiration…and I felt so very encouraged and supported.

Jane - UK